The Spanish Journal of Medicine (Span J Med) is an official journal of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI). This is a recently launched publication (2020) dedicated mainly to the interest of internal medicine specialists. 

The Span J Med is an open-access, peer reviewed, online, English edition owned by SEMI. It publishes quarterly (4 issues per year) in collaboration with Permanyer

The topics covered include diagnostic techniques, drug therapy, laboratory findings, and clinical trials; published as original articles, reviews and updates or editorials. 


Vol.1 Num.1

Volume 1, Number 1

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Original articles

Review articles

Francisco Galeano-Valle, Lucía Ordieres-Ortega, Pablo Demelo-Rodríguez

Risk stratification scores for major bleeding in patients with venous thromboembolism

Jorge Rubio-Gracia, Marta Sánchez-Marteles, Juan Ignacio Pérez-Calvo

Congestion in heart failure, a prominent role in pathophysiology, and a therapeutic goal

Ricardo Gómez-Huelgas, Luis Miguel Pérez-Belmonte, Guillermo E. Umpierrez

Legacy effect in diabetes mellitus: fact or fiction?

Ana Maestre, Asunción Gonzálvez-Gasch, Juana Carretero

On the basis of sex and gender in healthcare

Miguel Camafort, Alfonso López-Soto, Kazuomi Kario

Hypertension and frailty in older people: A dangerous liaison